COMET Plasma Control Technologies

As the globe becomes more interconnected, RF is playing a crucial role in powering people, industry and technology.

COMET PCT is a world leading manufacturer of vacuum capacitors, impedance matching networks and RF generators. With 60 years’ experience, COMET PCT is passionate about designing and manufacturing innovative, high quality RF power products for your application. With locations on three continents our global technical and applications support is available wherever and whenever you need it.

COMET PCT is the RF power delivery expert for your plasma processing applications; whether semi, solar, LED or flat panel/LCD. Look to COMET PCT for RF products for broadcast transmission and antenna tuning, as well as RF industrial heating.

COMET PCT’s highly trained research and development teams constantly work to create new products and technologies to meet the needs of evolving markets. And quality comes first.

Power your people, industry and technology with the COMET PCT family of RF products.

Plasma Control Technologies is a segment of the COMET Group.