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Linear Pulse Power Amplifiers lead the way for MRI technology

MRI equipment has become a key asset to the medical industry. MRI requires an RF amplifier to produce the images medical professionals require to make proper diagnoses.

Comet is specialized in high linear power amplifiers for high-field MRI and NMR applications mainly in the high-end range of 3 Tesla to 11.7 Tesla, corresponding to operating frequencies as high as 500 MHz.

Fulfilling the toughest customer requirements

LPPA 13080 is a long time success story covering the frequency range from 16.7 MHz to 123 MHz serving multicore 0.5 T (Tesla) to 3 T applications. In fact, Comet is proud to have served the MRI market leader for over 25 years.

With LPPA 22080 we offer another wideband amplifier, covering the frequency range from 30 to 220 MHz.

We design leading edge 8 and 16 kW multichannel MRI power amplifiers from 279 MHz to 500 MHz. All models consist of a high number of power semiconductors per kilowatt RF ensuring a low pulse power droop and very high linearity. Our R&D department in Germany offers you technical and application support around the globe.

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