Comet Technology

Into the Third Dimension

Comet RF technology enables the next generation of multilayer 3D integrated circuits

Innovation in components for electronic devices – from desktops and laptops to tablets, smartphones and so on – is hurtling along at a breathtaking pace. Gadgets are becoming faster, smarter, and smaller. But ultimately, even miniaturization in electronics runs into limits imposed by the laws of physics.
This is now the case with conventional “flat” memory chips, where power densities have reached their limits. Yet, Big Data and the Internet of Things demand continued growth in storage capacity.
3D Integrated Circuits with vertically stacked memory structures are a promising solution, and far outperform conventional chips. Major companies like Intel and Samsung are working hard to develop such solutions. Producing these highly complex chips also requires much faster and more exact vapor deposition methods. While the coating necessary for a conventional chip took four repeated deposition passes, a 3D chip needs as many as 17. To manufacture these next-generation chips competitively, the deposition techniques must be made significantly faster. That in turn necessitates powerful, reliable radio frequency solutions.

3D chips are the future of the electronics industry. And they require the fast and powerful radio frequency solutions that COMET provides.

Michael Kammerer, President COMET PCT