Comet Trust

Local Presence is part of Comet's Business Strategy

Working closely with customers is of utmost importance to Comet. That’s why we opened an office in California’s Silicon Valley, the birthplace of the semiconductor industry. The rapid growth of that site speaks volumes: Starting with two employees, our staff has now grown to almost 100 people. In other markets like China and Germany the Group has established an effective local presence. In each case, Comet benefited from scale effects by applying its proven Silicon Valley model.
One example is the opening of a subsidiary in Suwon, Korea. In the semiconductor sector, as well as in flat panel display industry, Korean manufacturers are among the best in the world. And they intend to keep strengthening this position. The extension of the Comet Group’s presence also fulfilled an explicit request from customers, as Yong-Tae Kim, General Manager of Comet Technologies Korea, explains: “With the existing close collaboration, leading Korean semiconductor manufacturers wanted a point of contact right here on their door step. This is not just about sales but also services and the joint development of new technologies and applications.”

The expectations for partners in Korea are high: What they want from us is not just outstanding quality, service and the willingness to go the extra mile. They also expect us to proactively develop new solutions for them. That requires a very close relationship with the customer.

Yong-Tae Kim, General Manager, Comet Technologies Korea