Battery Application: RF power for solid-state battery production

Batteries powered by solid electrolytes deliver improved safety, higher energy density, a longer lifecycle, and lower costs than conventional Li-ion batteries.

New solid-state battery layers use RF power in PECVD and PVD processes. Advanced RF plasma processes are used for manufacturing today’s microbatteries and several future generations of bulk batteries. The microbattery is manufactured using the same sputtering techniques used in semiconductor manufacturing: Cathode and electrolyte materials are treated with RF power.

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Battery applications are hampered by high resistance arising at the solid–solid electrode–electrolyte interface. Although the exact mechanism of this interface resistance is not fully understood, various chemical, electrochemical, and chemo-mechanical processes govern the charge transfer phenomenon at the interface. 

RF plasma advanced PECVD and PVD processes

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Our RF power solutions allow the interface properties to be fine-tuned at high frequency during PECVD/PVD. These processes are powerful methods that can:

  • Prepare thin films by controlling their crystalline structure and surface roughness
  • Adequately ionize gas, preventing arcing and charge-up effects
  • Give coatings superior adhesion

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  1. Better yield via enhanced stability and high reliability
  2. Improved film interfaces and properties
  3. Comet RF Power systems integrated to OEM Plasma process equipment

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