Vacuum Capacitors for low frequency applications

Recommended for frequencies < 4 MHz
Increased power density by more than 40 %

High power density in processing modules is a requirement of many RF matchbox designers. With the XtraVolt low frequency vacuum capacitor product range Comet meets these needs with higher voltage capability compared to standard products. This allows significant higher voltage in a compact size vacuum capacitor keeping the same form factor.

In high frequency application, current is mostly limited by heat dissipation while in low frequency application current is limited by maximum working voltage. The new XtraVolt low frequency vacuum capacitors with higher field strength capability can achieve higher voltage. This allows increased RF current capability and higher power density.


  • 20 – 100% increased voltage (below 4 MHz), depending on vacuum capacitor types
  • High power density
  • Efficient use of matchbox space
  • Increased design flexibility for your RF match architecture
  • Higher voltage & higher current in standard size capacitor
  • Same voltage specification in smaller size capacitor

Learn more about XtraVolt, Comet’s advanced capacitor portfolio range for low frequency applications.


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