Compact design

The Smart-Con series delivers 45 % higher power density (compared to the Uni-Con series) in a compact, smart and patented design. This variable vacuum capacitor is able to cover an extremely wide impedance range due to a combination of high voltage, RF current and wide tuning range. Comet’s Swiss Precision Quality delivers long lifetime and the lowest cost of ownership.

Maximum power in a minimal envelope

Smart-Con capacitors are designed to optimize today’s plasma process applications: They deliver maximum power in the 10 kW class with a minimal footprint, compared to Uni-Con.

Smart-Con’s top mounting plate is on ground potential. This offers easy installation without any
additional insulation elements. Special connector flanges enable fast RF strap mounting. The high working voltage Upw allows high currents over a wide impedance range, eliminating power derating.

Smart-Con is available as a motorized and non-motorized vacuum capacitor.

  • 100 pF to 750 pF available in the same body size
  • RF current up to 150 A
  • Tuning range: Cmax / Cmin = 25
  • Minimization of losses
  • Easy plug & use installation

Technical Features

Capacitance (Cmax) 100 pF to 750 pF
Voltage (peak test) 12 kV to 30 kV
Current (rms) 106 A to 131 A
Diameter 64 mm
Overall length 242 mm
Inductance (@ Cmax) ≤ 7 nH to ≤ 9 nH

Contact our local experts if you need 3D drawings, C curves or other additional data.

Smart-Con C[pF] Upt[kV] I[A] Dia.[mm] Length[mm] Datasheet
CVSM-100AC/30-BAJL 10 - 100 30 108 64.8 234 PDF
CVSM-250AC/20-BAJL 12 - 250 20 131 64.8 234 PDF
CVSM-500AC/18-BAJL 25 - 500 18 122 64.8 234 PDF
CVSM-750AC/12-BAJL 25 - 750 12 106 64.8 234 PDF